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Lyophilization Vial Stoppers – 13mm and 20mm

Lyophilization Vial Stoppers
Lyophilization Vial Stoppers

13mm and 20mm lyophilization vial stoppers are available through IVPACKS LLC.

NOW AVAILABLE – Ready for Sterilization (Ready to Sterilize) 13mm and 20mm Lyophilization stoppers! Ready to sterilize in autoclave bags. Bioburden CFU and Endotoxin testing reports are available for each lot sold! See:  http://ivpacks.com/102-washed-vials-and-stoppers 

ALSO AVAILABLE: 20mm IGLOO VIAL STOPPERS – See:   http://ivpacks.com/lyophilization-stoppers/822-20mm-igloo-lyophilization-vial-stopper-ready-to-sterilize-bag-of-1000.html