IVPACKS LLC - world recognized OEM manufacturer and repackager of pharmaceutical primary packaging 

Serum vials and serum bottles, vial stoppers, vial crimpers, Flip-Off seals, aluminum vial seals, teflon lined septas, dental cartridges, foil seals and more! 

  • Top quality products - the same actual manufacturer's products without the usual added costs imposed by other repackaging brands  
  • Best order fulfillment and shipping speeds from any major pharmaceutical primary packaging supplier
  • Worldwide shipping and Customs / Brokerage Clearance services are available upon request



International Vial Packaging and Sterilization

This website is devoted to Vial Stoppers. To see the rest of the products we offer, visit: 


We didn't know that the stoppers we were buying from Wh****n are actually a repackaged item manufactured by *****. We now order all of our vial stoppers from you guys. Your price is lower and your shipping is faster!

Lou H. (compounding pharmacist)

We prefer buying from a supplier that helps us comply with the documentation required for our cGMP 503b requirements. IVPACKS always helps us meet these obligations.

Eddie K. (compounding pharmacist)